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    aI think you know already that I want to discuss the representation for your alarm clocks.


    bYes, Mr. Bergerson. You mentioned that in your letter. To tell you the truth, your proposal surprised us.


    aIs that so? Anyhow I want to go over the details with you in person, so you can give my suggestion thorough consideration. Our firm specializes in this line of business. We have six sales representatives, who are on the road all the time, covering the whole of the European market.

    真的嗎?我想親自同你談談細節問題,這樣你可以好好考慮我的建 議。我們公司專營這項業務,有六名銷售代表常年在外,負責整 個歐洲市場。

    bDo you sell direct to shops?


    aYes, we specialize in handling clocks and watches of all sorts. We have well established channels of distribution and we canvass the retailers direct, without any middlemen.


    bDo you keep a stock of these things?


    aIn some cases, such as the wristwatches, which always have a steady market, we keep a stock in London and act as distributors as well as agents. Generally, however, we pass on the orders of our clients to the manufacturers for supply. We are paid for our service, of course.

    有的商品如手表,市場很穩定,我們在倫敦有庫存,經銷商品兼作 代理。然而,一般來講,我們把客戶的訂貨單交給制造商去供貨。 當然,我們根據所提供的服務取得報酬。

    bThat is, your commission.


    aYes, our commission is very reasonable. We usually get a 10% commission of the amount on every deal.


    bOur agents in other areas usually get a 3-5% commission.


    aThe European market is not familiar with your products. You have competitors from Japan and other continental countries. At the beginning of our campaign, there is sales resistance to overcome, we must send out salesmen to do a lot of traveling and spend a considerable amount of money on advertising in news- papers and TV programs. A 10% commission will not leave us much.

    歐洲市場對你方產品不熟悉。你們要對付日本和其他大陸國家的競 爭對手。在推銷活動的開始階段,需要克服銷售方面的阻力,我們 得派出推銷員到處出差,并且耗費大量資金在報紙上和電視節目里 登廣告。百分之十的傭金對我們來說不算寬裕。

    bAccording to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turn- over you can fulfill, in round figures, of course?


    aWe will always do our utmost to enlarge the business, as our remuneration increases with the turnover, but we will not guar- antee anything, at least not to begin with.

    我們當然將竭力擴大業務,因為隨著銷售量的增加,我們的利潤也 會上升。不過我們不想作出保證,至少在開始階段不行。

    bWe appreciate very much your intention to push the sale of our products. But our suggestion to you, Mr. Bergerson, as a preliminary step, is to do a little research into the market……

    謝謝你們有意推銷我們的產品,但是博格森先生,作為第一步,我 們建議你們在市場上做一些調查研究工作……

    aDo you mean to say you refuse us the agency?


    bMr. Bergerson, you leave us no alternative. We can not give you an exclusive agency of the whole European market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover. Besides our price is worked out according to the costing. A 10% commission means an increase in our price. We must have the reaction of the buyers in this respect.

    博格森先生,你讓我們沒有選擇了。我們不能連你方每年可能銷售 多少都不知道就給予你們整個歐洲市場的獨家代理權。 而且我方價 格是根據成本而定的。給予百分之十的傭金就意味著我們的價格要 提高。我們必須知道賣主在這方面有什么反映。

    aOh, that's just too bad. I intended to make great efforts in selling your products.


    bWell, we can still carry on our business relationship without the agreement. To start the ball rolling, we will provide you with price lists, catalogues and some samples. Only when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products, can we then discuss further details.


    aAh, Mrs. Miller, but in this case am I covered?


    bOh, yes. We will give you a 5% commission on every transaction.


    aAll right, but I'll be back again for the Autumn Fair. And then I hope we can see eye to eye about our commission and the terms of the agency.


    bVery good. We will discuss the matter again at the next Fair.


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